This is a site which is designed to help anyone who
runs an NCAA hoop pool during "March Madness".

We offer various solutions that reduce the work (and stress) for the pool administrator. All customers now use the options that let them run their pool completely on our web site. These include:

  • hoopness web - players make all picks before the games begin.
  • hoopness sweet 16 - the pool starts when 16 teams are left.
All web-based solutions offer the following features:
  • player entry (the pool administrator is relieved of the work of entering the data as well as the fear of making a mistake)
    See web entry form for an example of how this works.
  • useful reports (available on this site for your players)
    see sample reports
  • wide range of pool options (scoring, tie-break, reports, etc.)
Key Times
SelectionMar 11 06:30 PM EDTMar 12 07:00 PM EDT
Play-inMar 13 6:40 PM EDTn/a
Round of 64Mar 15 12:15 PM EDTMar 16 12:00 PM EDT
Sweet 16Mar 22 07:10 PM EDTMar 23 07:00 PM EDT
The previous software solution, hoopness score, that let you run your pool on your own computer, has been discontinued and will not be updated to support 68 or more teams. Also the "hoopness plus" service that would let players for these pools enter their picks on our site has also been discontinued.