New for 2018
Changes for the 2018 Tournament:

  • Change to Mathematical Elimination
    Mathematical Elimination will now run for every pool once the sweet 16 is reached. However, the setting "Mathematically Eliminate" in the Reports tab of "Set Pool Parameters" has been re-named to "Show Mathematical Elimination on Status Report". So, if it is not checked, players will not see the elimination indicator (or best finish) on the status report.
    Administrators will be able to see who is eliminated, indicated by the asterisk in the "elim" column of their Master List of entries.
  • Administrators Can See All Reports
    No matter which reports are checked on the Reports tab of "Set Pool Parameters", all reports for a pool will be generated, and administrators will be able to see them all. Players will continue to see only those that are selected by the administrator.
  • Pre-load Player Entries
    Some administrators may want to pre-load entries for their players, assigning passwords and pre-poulating fields like e-mail and the 2 player information fields. This new function accepts a tab-delimited text file (probably exported from Excel), with up to five fields of basic data for creating entries. Administrators can then e-mail their players with their information.