New for 2017
Changes for the 2017 Tournament:

  • Paying us for your pool
    This year, if you create a new pool or activate an existing one, it will immediately become active without direct payment on our site.
    We will email an invoice to the address provided as the pool administrator. This invoice will allow you pay (via at any time before the games start. As long as we receive payment by the time the games start, all will proceed normally.
  • Record Payment Type Option
    There is a new option in the "Player Settings" area of "Set Pool Parameters"
    It is called "Track Payment Method"
    If this box is checked, the administrator will be given the ability to record how the pool fee was paid by each player (cash, check, PayPal, etc.) The administrator can add payment types to the list of options that appears.
    This can be useful for various reasons, including refunds and determining the preferred way to pay winners at the end of the tournament.
  • Re-enter email option - in the "Entry Form Settings" area of "Set Pool Parameters", administrators can now choose to have players enter their email address twice to improve accuracy.
  • Charity option - in the "Scoring" area of "Set Pool Parameters", administrators can now choose to have a percentage of the pool fee total reserved for a contribution to charity rather than be included in the prize total divided among the winners.
  • Performance Enhancements/Bug Fixes - We continued to make changes that improve the responsiveness and reliability of the site.