sweet 16 Help
hoopness sweet 16 is a service with which a pool administrator can run a sweet 16 NCAA basketball tournament pool on the hoopness.com web site.

The pool administrator is given a pool ID and password, then logs-in to set up the pool parameters. There are many score and display options. The administrator chooses a player password, and gives the URL, pool ID, and player password to all players. Thus, only players who have been invited can participate.

Once the first two rounds of the NCAA tournamnet have been completed, the pool begins. Players enter their picks via a web page and the data is stored on the hoopness.com site.

Once all entries are in and the games start, results are automatically entered (Administrator does not have to do this) and reports are automatically generated and displayed on the site. All players can periodically review their progress by viewing the reports. There are 10 reports that show choices, distributions, scores, possibilities, and other information.

Check the Administrator demo and Player demo to see how it works. (The id's and passwords for the demos will already be filled-in when you get to the login page for each.)

Also view the Administrator Help or Player Help