hoopness web features...

  • Pool administrator need not do any data entry.
  • All entries are input on the web. Sample Entry
  • Administrator gives a web address and password to players who then create their entries on this site
  • Administrator sets-up pool parameters via web interface on this site (see demos)
  • Game results are automatically entered
  • After entries are all in, choice reports are automatically created and posted on the hoopness.com site.
  • After each set of games, score reports, etc. are automatically created and posted on the hoopness.com site
  • ! - A 'dynamic' status report is available that allows players to enter tournament results themselves, either before the 'official' reports are available or to do 'what-if' scenarios. see an example
  • On-line help
  • There are numerous options for scoring, tiebreakers, etc.
  • Keeps track of pool players paid status.
  • Can calculate who is mathematically eliminated (after second round).
  • There are 10 different reports available
In other words, using hoopness web means that:
  • no software (other than a browser) is required for administrator or players
  • administrator can sit back and enjoy the games
hoopness web Administrator Demo
hoopness web Player Demo
hoopness sweet 16 features...

Basically the same as hoopness web except that:

  • the pool begins after round two of the NCAA tournament (when the final 16 teams have been decided).
hoopness sweet 16 Administrator Demo
hoopness sweet 16 Player Demo